Below is a list of the Practitioners who are currently registered with the Consortium.  Each Practitioner shares their background, where in the country they work and the type of work they offer.  Please contact the Practitioner directly if you have any questions for them.

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Michelle Shapiro is a UK based HCPC chartered Clinical Psychologist who uses and teaches NVR across the UK and increasingly in Europe. Michelle is also a practitioner and teacher of an extraordinary trauma based therapy model (similar to EMDR) called Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT).  Michelle worked as a psychologist in an NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) where she remained for 10 years prior to going full time into private practice in 2013.

During the time Michelle was in the CAMHS service, the entire service was offered the opportunity to train with Professor Haim Omer, the originator of NVR. The training was inspiring. A core group of practitioners within her service adopted this method whole heartedly and began to offer NVR interventions initially with individual families referred and subsequently creating multi-parent groups to undertake a10 week NVR training. This group work proved incredibly valuable, and it has been adopted by Israel, where NVR originated, as well as across Europe. Michelle was involved in delivering the group with families, and was also involved in the training of other professionals within the service.

For Michelle, the full-time private practise involved ongoing individual and family work as well as delivering of groups within the private sector.  A large component of her practise however involved teaching and training other professionals within the two models she has embraced (NVR and AIT).

Michelle is a core teacher of AIT within the UK as well as across areas of Europe (Poland, Belgium, Denmark, Bulgaria and is an assistant on courses offered in Germany). Her teaching of NVR has been both in association with an organisation offering NVR, and as an independent provider. She has run numerous three and four day NVR foundational trainings, she has offered single day introductions to NVR at times to professionals and at times these were offered directly to parents.

Whilst working in the CAMHS service and subsequently, Michelle found that she obtained the best results with the NVR approach when she also included direct trauma focused work. It became clear that traumatised parents (as occurs often with our NVR parents who have experienced violence in whatever form, from their distressed children), managed to use the NVR principles of de-escalation, in particular, with greater effect if they had their own trauma addressed first. Michelle also found that this small trauma focused intervention allowed the parents to reconnect with their own sense of empowerment (parental presence) and care and love for their child (unblocking blocked care). The trauma work supported the very essential NVR components of a rebuilding or building of damaged relationships between parent and child, as well as in increasing the parental presence of previously disempowered and often traumatised parents.

Michelle is very committed to the NVR model, but also to making a difference to this very troubled world, and the best way to achieve this is to train clinicians to offer this marvellous method to struggling parents.        07876197039


Sarah Fisher is an adopter and understands how hard parenting can be when you are struggling to manage your child's behaviour and the stress that can cause the parents.  Having used NVR very successfully to change her relationship with her son, she is now a trained NVR practitioner and is passionate about supporting families to change their situations for the better.

Sarah works with families on an individual basis both face to face and online, via video call and she runs a variety of face to face and online courses for parents.  Sarah has designed and runs an online video call course that introduces NVR to parents, allowing parents to join the course and meet other parents without leaving home.  A Foundational 8 week course is also available for those parents wanting to deepen their understanding of NVR.

Sarah also works with schools and charities who work with families.

Sarah is very committed to the NVR model and how it can bring positive change for families.  She works UK wide via skype and face to face with families in Sussex, Kent and South London.  She runs training courses across the UK.     07817 544707

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Dawn Oliver has a psychology (MSc in Child Development) and languages (BA Hons Modern Languages) background.  She has worked in charities and schools supporting children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and their parents.  Dawn has theoretical knowledge and personal experience in the fields of autism, adoption and person-centred approaches.  Dawn is a mum to 4 children, one of whom is on the autistic spectrum and another who is adopted.

Dawn has completed professional training in Non-Violent Resistance and is now delivering training to parents of children with SEND in schools.  She is also co-facilitating trainings for adoptive parents run by PAC UK, and assists Sarah Fisher with online NVR training courses.  Dawn is now available for face-to-face sessions if required.

In addition, Dawn has trained as an AIT therapist.  AIT (Advanced Integrative Therapy) is a trauma model which Dawn has found very helpful in her work.  She now offers face-to-face trauma therapy in North London. At times trauma therapy is an essential ingredient in being able to fully implement the principles and strategies of the NVR parenting program.  Dawn is able to offer this valuable integrated approach.

Dawn is a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and works face to face with clients in the London Area.  She also works UK wide via Skype.


Dorota Rospierska is a family therapist and an NVR practitioner and educator. She has been a part of the NVR multi parent groups offered by Oxleas Foundation Trust as well as been part of the professional training of it by Oxleas. Dorota areas of speciality include group and individual family NVR. Dorota has numerous generic and specialist groups including groups run within schools and for the local authority.  She is employed by the NHS but she also acts as an independent provider (Mind Transforamtion Solutions). Dorota has a particular interest in the application of NVR principles with couples. She offers NVR in combination with additional therapies such as EMDR, AIT and Time Line Therapy. Along with other integrative practitioner, she reports finding that the addition of trauma focuses work greatly enhances the speed and efficacy of users being able to implement the NVR approach.

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Kate Pelissier is a practising systemic family psychotherapist, Kate has over 25 years of significant and comprehensive experience of supporting children, young people, their families and significant carers to identify ways through their emotional, psychological and mental health needs to make sense of their world and develop a sense of resilience that promotes a healthy transition into adulthood.

Drawing on both her social work experience and informed by substantive family therapy experience, Kate routinely works with children, young people and families affected by anxiety, parental separation/divorce, loss and bereavement, communication difficulties, depression, trauma, sexual exploitation, deliberate self-harm, suicidal ideation, and eating disorders.

In addition to her therapeutic work Kate is an accomplished and popular supervisor, trainer, lecturer and tutor in the field of systemic psychotherapy. She values encouraging trainees and professionals to use their knowledge base and skills through the lenses of systemic thinking to enhance practice and bring every family member’s voice to the fore.

Kate is an NVR practitioner, having led NVR groups and helped many families to improve their connection to their children using NVR principles.

philippa williams

Philippa Williams is a fully qualified NVR practitioner who specialises in working with adoptive and fostering families, and families of children with disabilities.   She works with The Fostering Network, Adoption UK, PAC-UK, Barnardos, Children in Wales and various third sector organisations.


She has 20 years’ experience supporting adoptive and fostering families and training staff who work directly with these families.  She uses NVR in a variety of settings including 121 face-to-face work with individual families, 121 telephone work with individual families, awareness raising sessions for parents and professionals, introductory courses, 10 week courses for parents, 3 or 4 day courses for parents and professionals, support groups, one off helpline support for families or professionals who are considering using NVR, etc.  She is based in Wales but has also worked in Scotland, Birmingham, Leeds, etc.


Philippa is an adoptive parent of an 18 and a 23 year old and has personal experience of using NVR with very positive outcomes.       07929630551

The NVR Practitioners Consortium carries out checks on all Practitioners prior to listing them.  How the Consortium does not take any responsibility for the work carried out by the Practitioners listed above, and you are advised to make any checks you feel necessary.