Our Vision

As a Social Enterprise our vision is to ensure that all families can access NVR support, whether through groups or on an individual basis, irrespective of background or need.

We are passionate about sharing the NVR approach to families to help them in building strong family bonds.

As an organisation we also want to make it easy for parents and professionals to find practitioners, and available support, across the country.  We do this by providing an ever growing list of practitioners and available courses.

Meet the Team

Snapshot_20131213_3 michelle

Michelle Shapiro


Michelle Shapiro is a UK based HCPC chartered Clinical Psychologist who uses and teaches NVR across the UK and increasingly in Europe.

Dawn Bio Photo

Dawn Oliver


Dawn is parent and uses NVR every day.  She is also a trained Practitioner working with families across the country.

rachel braverman_picmonkeyed_picmonkeyed (1)

Rachel Braverman


Rachel is an adoptive parent who has fully integrated NVR into family life. She is also an NVR informed practitioner, working with groups of parents and carers, and a trainer in mental health awareness.